Filmmaking & Facilitation

Filmmaking & Facilitation

"The creation of an image is not a precise or exact science. It is an art." – Andrew Laszlo, ASC

Client Comments

"You are the best! Thanks so much for everything! I don't know what we would have done w/o you. It's great working with you." – Mia Brandt at USA Fund for Unicef

T"The footage is exactly what we wanted . . .thank you sooo much!!! You were very easy to work with and I am very grateful!" – Muffie Meyer, Middlemarch Films, NY

"I loved working with you, and thank you for everything." – Judy Jackson, CBC

The Djingerer Ber Mosque towers in Timbuktu.

Facilitation Services

Award-winning producer/director/cinematographer with 34 years' experience.

Expertise in commercials, drama, documentaries, corporates and news features

Specialist photographic skills

          Aerial photography (logbook of 100+ hours)

          Natural History filming in most big African reserves

          Qualified PADI Advanced Scuba Diver

          Human Rights issues specialist cinematography

Rental of Sony and Canon Professional Digital Production Equipment Rigs

4x4 vehicle for all-terrain movement

Languages spoken: English, Afrikaans, a little French, some Zulu

Mobile Office/DIT set-up including remote on-site digital back-up.

A constant study and reference to art, photography and literature can inform, renew and transform our own work. Who demands that the cinematographer be reduced to a technician capturing pixels or extruding celluloid like so much sausage? Only a few hectoring control freaks, pencil-pushers and one-man band ego-maniacs." – John Bailey, ASC