Filmmaking & Facilitation

Filmmaking & Facilitation

"The creation of an image is not a precise or exact science. It is an art." – Andrew Laszlo, ASC

Client Comments

"You are the best! Thanks so much for everything! I don't know what we would have done w/o you. It's great working with you." – Mia Brandt at USA Fund for Unicef

T"The footage is exactly what we wanted . . .thank you sooo much!!! You were very easy to work with and I am very grateful!" – Muffie Meyer, Middlemarch Films, NY

"I loved working with you, and thank you for everything." – Judy Jackson, CBC

The Djingerer Ber Mosque towers in Timbuktu.

Facilitation Services

Award-winning producer/director/cinematographer with 36 years' experience.

Expertise in commercials, drama, documentaries, corporates and news features

Specialist photographic skills

          Aerial photography (logbook of 100+ hours)

          Natural History filming in most big African reserves

          Qualified PADI Advanced Scuba Diver

          Human Rights issues specialist cinematography

Rental of Sony and Canon Professional Digital Production Equipment Rigs

Languages spoken: English, Afrikaans, a little French, some Zulu

Mobile Office set-up including remote on-site digital back-up.

A constant study and reference to art, photography and literature can inform, renew and transform our own work. Who demands that the cinematographer be reduced to a technician capturing pixels or extruding celluloid like so much sausage? Only a few hectoring control freaks, pencil-pushers and one-man band ego-maniacs." – John Bailey, ASC

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With Lucy Liu in Lesotho, with Ladji at the CNPC in Bamako, Mali, and with Laurence Fishburne in Soweto.