Hothead on a crane in a smokey studio for an Edgars spot.

David tries out a new "Swazi Tripod"

"Life experience is more valuable than theory or technical expertise. The technical stuff can be passed on, but experience can only be gained." – Chris Doyle HKSC

"Cinematography is an infinitely subtle language, even more so than music or words." – Conrad Hall ASC

"All great films are a resolution of a conflict between darkness and light" – Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC (winner of three Academy Awards)

David filming elephants in Botswana for Animal Planet. The lens is a modified 150-600 Canon film lens.

Shadow Films produces world-class images that enhance South Africa and Africa in the world, and works efficiently to create value.

(in plain English, that means that as South Africans we believe in giving you good back for your buck, we work damn hard, and make great films!)

What our clients say

"You did a fantastic job, and it really is amazing how every shot is excellent – some 28 tapes worth." – Nick Brown, director, Wall To Wall, UK

"Absolutely f****** brilliant! The footage was so beautiful the editor was in tears." – Markus Davies, Visual Alchemy (corporate producer)

"I wanted to thank you so much for a great shoot. I really enjoyed working with you . . . . the outcome was remarkable. Wonderful! The images and interviews are universally praised by all who see them." – Thomas Allen Harris, Chimpanzee Productions, USA.

"A quick word to thank you for a fantastic shoot! My greatest problem is to choose from all these *%$@£@*& beautiful shots of yours!" – Karen Naets-Sekiguchi, ILO.

"Dear Danielle (CNN Heroes) We are thrilled beyond measure. Every aspect of the package, the video, the story and the extras, is so beautifully done. You and your crew really captured the spirit of Johannes' vision . . ." – Laura Bond, Director of Ethiopia Reads

Contact Details (24/7/365)

David Forbes S.A.S.C.

+27 82 450 8003 (mobile)

Skype: david-forbes